A revolutionary online educational platform, the Daass brand needed to communicate credibility, authority, and professionalism. It needed to be cutting-edge, minimalist, distinct, and modern.

We designed a sophisticated, memorable logo mark that exudes strength, confidence, and credibility. Using customized typography, the logo highlights the letters “A”, representing excellence, accomplishment, and success that the letter A symbolizes. The uppercase letters reflect authority, while the sleek, clean lines and forward slash reflect the continuity and forward movement that Daass provides for its users. The crisp black color palette completes the high-end, classy brand look.

I knew we required a classy, elegant, and minimalistic design for our brand’s logo. I was warmly referred to Charna, and the finesse I saw in her portfolio attracted me — we closed within an hour. Unlike with the larger companies, working with her felt like a boutique personalized experience. Her process is meticulous ― clear expectations, no loose threads, and no surprises down the road. Plus, the fact that she’s so excited about her work gave me a lot of confidence. And her final product was exceptional. It’s everything I wanted in a logo.

Malka Gross
CEO, Daass