Nexus Realty Capital

With over $100M in current asset value, Nexus Realty Capital is a diversified equity and investment firm that specializes in identifying and investing in new markets. The Nexus portfolio includes residential and commercial properties, healthcare & senior living facilities, strip malls, warehouses and office buildings.

We partnered with Nexus to create a high-end, luxurious and premium brand that would impress banks, investors and partners. The powerful 3-D X symbol represents a strong collaboration of investors joining together to invest in high-value deals. The multi-faceted shape alludes to the well-diversified portfolio. Opportunity for growth is illustrated with the “open-door” concept in the top right segment. Wide and memorable, the balanced typeface exudes trust and integrity, while the sophisticated blue color palette completes the powerful brand look.

Nexus needed a premium, powerful website to impress their discerning clientele. Our talented team designed a magnificent website with cutting-edge design and custom, high-end animations to convey the luxurious, financial vibe.

– 121 hours invested in carefully designing a custom-crafted, sleek designs
– Sophisticated animations custom coded to give a superior user experience
– Oversized, vibrant photography to create the polished lifestyle look
– Gold accents & refined design elements complement the gorgeous layouts for a luxurious, high-end look
– Stunning typography and meticulous attention to detail showcase the brand

Launch Website.

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