Veteran Care Services

As a leading resource and guide for senior veterans and their families, Veteran Care Services navigates the complex bureaucratic benefits process for veterans and their spouses.

We created a custom, memorable logomark using the American flag as a base to bring familiarity to senior veterans, the letter V as a reference to the name, and an abstract bird to represent an eagle. Fluid lines show versatility and a forward-thinking approach to providing essential care to senior veterans. The soft curves exude warmth and approachability. We created a modern blue-red color palette as a reference to the American flag.

We designed gorgeous brand collateral and marketing materials consistent with the sharp new brand look.

We designed this gorgeous, modern website with senior veterans in mind. High-contrast, easy-to-navigate layouts and their polished, professional brand look present Veteran Care Services as the authority for senior veterans.

– Vibrant, oversized photos with high-contrast typography and color palette to make it clear and easy to read

– Unique, custom layouts with bold Call to Actions, clean design visuals, and meticulous attention to detail, making sure every space, line, and color serves a purpose

– A clear and specific process of what the VCS benefits are and how it works

– Impressive social proof with genuine, passionate feedback from the many customers they’ve helped

Launch Website.

Thank you Charna Ambers! Much research, brainstorming, creativity, and work was put in to this, and it resulted in a beautiful masterpiece!

You and your team are extremely talented, and are committed to doing things the right way, ensuring that the end product is GORGEOUS.

The website surpassed anything we could have anticipated. It’s crisp and clear, professional, easy to read and navigate, I don’t think any adjectives can do it justice. Very very well done! Thank you!!!

Abe Bernikier
CEO, Veteran Care Services

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